Amy and Chris are about as rad as a couple gets. They are always down for adventure and building each other up in life. Amy cannot live without Chris’ sense of humor and positive mentality…And Chris cannot live without Amy’s soul warming smile. That spark really shines bright when you see them interact together. It’s pretty freaking cute and majorly endearing.

When Amy told me they wanted a skateboard theme to their engagement session all I could think was “WOOOT!!”. A skateboard session was high on my photography bucket list. Amy and I exchanged loads of Pinterest ideas and finally honed in on the vibe we were after. I knew they also wanted to don some fancy clothes, so I picked a mountain location that could accommodate skateboarding and strutting around in showy garb.

One cold and windy December day we went on a little adventure on the Blue Ridge Parkway, just outside of Boone, NC. I had such a blast goofing off with them and am thrilled to share some of the photos with you!

**Amy and Chris are getting married in November 2022 at The Providence Cotton Mill and I could not be more pumped to photograph and film their awesome day! Also, Amy’s lovely dress is by Baltic Born.

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