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A love for art is woven into my DNA.  My grandmother was an art teacher, and my mother has intertwined art into every phase of her life.  It’s only natural that I followed suit.

Many pivots, crossroads, twists and turns, and back-to-the-drawing board moments led me to my passion for photography.  But it didn’t stop there: during my studies in physical therapy, I began to notice the storytelling powers of movement, both organic and intentional. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with videography and the idea of creating living, breathing art.

I believe everyone has art in their life, whether they realize it or not. 

That first kiss.  A baby’s first days. Feeling confident in your own skin.

These are the moments that make the hustle and bustle–work, school, errands–worth it.  And there is nothing I love more than capturing them for you to adore and cherish forever. 

This isn’t stodgy or stuffy photo and film.  No contrived smiles or awkward poses here! Working with me means creating stunning works of light. Color. Emotion. Movement. Art. 

The art in your life? It’s unique to you.  I want to help you tell your story. Let’s come back to the present, let loose, and unwind (while having fun, of course).  


Some days, I wonder if I even woke up, because my job is seriously a dream.

Mama. Artist. Embracer of the moment. 


my kids!!

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speaking in accents!


doctor of physical therapy

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UNC...Go Heels!

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Big Sur, CA







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My work is deeply rooted in sustainability through action. I am a Leave No Trace Aware Photographer and I donate at least 1% of my sales to environmental efforts each year.

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