Lauren and I met while attending the doctor of physical therapy program at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in 2014. Her self-deprecating sense of humor and penchant for telling outrageous (yet true) stories had me hooked from day one. Needless to say, we’ve been great friends since.

After graduating, life took us to different geographical regions. Just when we were about to reunite for a good ole’ time, the pandemic hit. We ended up putting things on an indefinite pause until January 2022. With Lauren being pregnant with twins, we knew we couldn’t wait any longer to get together.

I flew up to Boston on a Monday in January for a 48 hour, flash visit. Lauren picked me up from the airport and we spent the next few hours catching up on the last few years of life. Then, we really got “down to business” figuring out where the heck were were going to take her epic maternity photos…

We decided to take a few in the oh-so-quaint town of Newport, Rhode Island. More specifically, the Beavertail State Park. Since it was literally 12 degrees, we didn’t last long on the rocky coast. But, Lauren is a champ, and the photos we did get are pretty freakin’ sweet (See bottom of post). *Side note, the temps were so frigid that my camera lens literally stopped working. That was a first! Thankfully it was back to functioning normally once it warmed back up.

It seemed like a good idea to have our second session take place in a location with less wind and treacherous rocks to contend with. We settled on the Grist Mill, which is part of the The Wayside Inn Historic Site in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The mill is so picturesque and is considered one of the most romantic settings in New England. Interestingly, the mill also served as the inspiration for the Pepperidge Farm logo. The Wayside Inn is actually the oldest operating Inn in the country.

I’m excited to share these photos of Lauren and her husband Michael with you! Having a baby (or babies)? I’d love to come to you for some epic photos. Book me here.

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